Loknete Hon. Hanmantrao Patil Charitable Trusts


Adarsh College, Vita

Accredited ' A ' Grade (CGPA 3.14) by NAAC. | Affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur.


The college N.S.S. unit has two programme officers with intake capacity of 200 students. The admission will be given on the basis of physical efficiency, enthusiasm, interest in social work depending on the availability of seats. Attendance, interest in programmes, punctuality will be strictly followed. The committee as per the need of the time under the guidance of the Principal will organize various types of programmes, that develops social, environmental and national awareness etc. The committee will also organize special camping in adopted village.

Aims and objectives of N.S.S.

The objectives of National service scheme are to arouse in the students social conscience and to provide them with opportunity.

- To work among the people.

- To engage in creative and constructive social action.

- To enhance their knowledge of themselves and the community.

- To gain skill in the exercise of democratic leadership.

- To bridge the gulf between the educated and uneducated masses.

- To promote the will to serve the weaker section of the community.

Activities of N.S.S. 2017-18   2018-19   2019-20   2020-21   2021-22   2022-23